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Pinkowicz Group website - welcome!

Our research interests revolve around molecular materials with a particular focus on the design and preparation of new molecules and molecule-based solids (usually magnetic). To be more specific, we’re pursuing: molecular photomagnets and photoswitches, multi-redox systems, helicene-based chiral magnets and metal-metal bonded nanomagnets.

Our approach to the research process has a holistic character, we strive to keep the design-synthesis-characterization-redesign feedback loop “in-house” meaning that we encourage all group members to master various synthesis methods (inorganic, organic, organometallic and alternative), characterization techniques (all kinds of spectroscopy and diffraction experiments including the use of synchrotron facilities) as well as theoretical characterization to get a complete overview and understanding of our compounds. This enables true understanding of the structure-property relationships in molecular materials and their fully rational design.

We welcome all passionate young people with all kinds of research interests to join our efforts in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in materials science.